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Where To Watch EURO 2021 in Copenhagen

a stadium full of people

Copenhagen will be rocking this summer, since you may have heard we beat Ireland (Hutteli-hut!) and have finally qualified for the EURO 2020 Championships. In June, Copenhagen, and indeed Denmark, will be all about football. Copenhagen is co-hosting the European Championships in soccer, and 4 matches will be played at the Danish national stadium, Parken. Denmark will be playing in 3 of those matches, which only make the hype go up even further so come celebrate it with us this June.

Tickets for the matches will be hard to come by – and everyone will be searching for one. Football fever will be taking over the city, so you don’t need to worry: Everyone is invited to the party. So we can only encourage you to come out with the locals, or ‘rooligans’ as the Danish fans have also have been called, and enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Here is our guide to Copenhagen’s best sport bars and open spaces to enjoy this amazing event, so rock your team’s jersey and join the party!

Ørsted Ølbar – The Craft-Beer Favorite

Ørsted Ølbar is by far our favorite, since they have more than 20 different taps filled with craft-beer and more than 200 bottles of the greatest beer. Indulge in their wide selection as you sit down in their comfy sofas, or when you challenge a friend to a game of foosball or just plainly take in the great atmosphere when some of the best soccer players in the world take the field all over Europe. Address: Nørre Farimagsgade 13, 1364 København K

a large stadium with green grass in front of a crowd

Den Glade Gris – The Large Crowd-Pleaser – CLOSED DUE TO COVID19

Den Glade Gris is by far the largest of the bars mentioned on this list. It’s not only a sports pub, but also a disco in two storeys which both are open when there are big sports events! The EURO 2021 all over Europe and when we even have games being played in Denmark must qualify for this definition and if your team wins, you can easily continue celebrating afterwards in the same place with your newly found local friends. Address: Lille Kannikestræde 3, 1170 København K

Pub & Sport – The Movie-Theater

Pub & Sport is for the soccer enthusiasts who don’t want to miss out on anything. No matter where you’re located in the bar, you will be able to see a screen! At the same time, the place is also rather large and feature several billiard tables, so you can take a break during half time and play a friendly game about who’s buying the next round of beers. Address: Vester Voldgade 7, 1552 København V

a close up of a girl wearing a red hat

Guldhornene – The Classic Danish Sports-pub

Guldhornene is the place to be if you just want to get out, but still want that homely feeling to your game – at least if you’re Danish. When you step into the pub, it’s like stepping into a classic Danish living-room, and you can bet they only serve Danish traditional beers like Carlsberg, Tuborg and so on. It’s conveniently located right in the center of town like the other bars mentioned here, so sit down and enjoy that Danish rooligan feeling with the locals and enjoy the game on large televisions. Address: Vestergade 20A, 1456 København K

Ofelia Square – The Big Screen Featuring Captivating Views &
‘Pool’ Access

At Ofelia Square next to the Royal Playhouse right on the harbor front, you will find Copenhagen’s official Fan Zone with big screens, entertainment on stage, street food, drinks (yes, you can drink in public in Denmark) and lots of football activities. If the excitement becomes to much to handle, just focus on the water surrounding you and plunge into the harbor. It’s completely safe and you won’t get sick, so if the sun is too much for you to handle jump in and watch all the matches – played all over Europe – live in the Fan Zone. Address: Kvæsthusbroen, 1250 København

a person taking a selfie

The City Hall Square – The Big Screen Featuring Lots of History & Metro Access – CANCELLED DUE TO COVID19

Another big screen party will be at City Hall Square. This has been the site of many a celebration, when Denmarks’s sporting heroes have done well such as when we won the European Championships in Soccer in 1992 in Sweden beating Germany in the finals (can’t get sweeter than that!), and this time will be no exception. Smack in the middle of town with a metro station right underneath the square, this will be a party to remember. The majestic City Hall, the Tivoli gardens and the city lights will be fighting the giant screen for your attention. And the afterparty is just seconds away – in all directions. That is if you don’t just want to have fun with the Danish roligans, nothing can beat that special feeling of a big screen with crowds of other happy people all uniting in creating that magical atmosphere only sports can create! Address: Rådhuspladsen, 1599 København

Kvægtorvet in the Meatpacking District at Øksnehallen – Big Screen Display of All Games, Food Trucks & Lots of Bars

Vesterbro has always been something special and the Meat Packing District is no different. We have enjoyed so many parties there that it just bring up so much joy when we think back! This championship they’re one of the official hosts for the EURO 2021 celebrations here in Copenhagen, so they will host all games and with 3000 sq/m they tend to have room for big groups. Plus it’s super easy and convenient to get there, since it’s only located 50 meters away from Copenhagen Central Station and the metro lines. Due to COVID-19 though, it’s expected that you get tickets before going, so please visit this page to see what games are available before you go. Address: Halmtorvet 11, 1700 København V

In short: If football is your drug, there is no place better than Copenhagen in June. It is a once in a lifetime event for all Copenhageners, and we can guarantee it will be a once in a lifetime party for you as well. See you in June!