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Where To Watch EURO 2021 in Copenhagen

a stadium full of people

Copenhagen will be rocking this summer, since you may have heard we beat Ireland (Hutteli-hut!) and have finally qualified for the EURO 2020 Championships. In June, Copenhagen, and indeed Denmark, will be all about football. Copenhagen is co-hosting the European Championships in soccer, and 4 matches will be played at the Danish national stadium, Parken. Denmark will be playing in 3 of those matches, which only make the hype go up even further so come celebrate it with us this June.

The highlights of traditional Danish cuisine and where to get them

a plate of food sitting on top of a wooden cutting board

Despite the New Nordic hype in Copenhagen, one of the most common questions we get on our tours is where to go for proper Danish comfort food like our own grandma makes it in Copenhagen. It makes total sense: when you are in Copenhagen, you want to get an authentic peak inside what it is…

The Best Copenhagen Coffee Shops For Feeling Hygge

a cat sitting next to a cup of coffee

Hygge, most closely resembling the English word “cosy,” is a word used in the Danish culture to describe an atmospheric embrace. While each person’s version of the perfect hyggeligt moment can vary, there are certain characteristics that make up the essence of the word. Lighting. Warmth. Comfort. A beverage. These things bring together the essence…

5 cool Copenhagen experiences you can have with the new City Ring metro

a close up of a map

Finally, get ready to pop the champagne! After 8 years of waiting and 15.5 km of digging and construction work, Copenhagen’s brand new metro line The City Ring has been completed. Copenhageners know this have been a hugely bumpy ride with the ups – the art installations on the walls was really cool, and the downs – the delays we could have gone without. But without the delays, the archaeologists wouldn’t have uncovered new knowledge about our collective past! During the construction work, the metro workers discovered some skeletons, which initiated a huge archaeological discovery proving Copenhagen to be much older than we until they were done believed.

Where To Stay In Copenhagen: The Ultimate Guide

a boat is docked next to a body of water

Copenhagen is a wonderful place to be – no matter where you choose to stay – but depending on whether you are down for partying, relaxing or learning you might want to consider where you want to stay during your visit. So without further ado, here is our guide to the different areas of the city so you can make an educated choice of where to stay in Copenhagen when you visit our fantastic city.

6 of the best Copenhagen souvenirs

a group of stuffed animals sitting on top of a wooden table

As you may already know, Copenhagen is known around the world for its design scene. It’s like the designers have played with LEGO all their life and now just have an innate sense of what works! When you walk into our lovely city’s design stores, you’ll quickly find that most that’s on offer is high-quality…

Best Vegetarian & Vegan Places In: Copenhagen

a display in a building

Being either a vegetarian or vegan in Copenhagen is generally very easy as Copenhagen offers plenty of choices. Not every restaurant will have a vegan alternative, but most of them will definitely have a vegetarian alternative. As of right now, 1,8% of Denmark’s inhabitants are either vegan or vegetarians, that makes for a total of…

8 Things To Do In Copenhagen During Christmas

a large crowd in the snow

Spending your Christmas is Copenhagen was a wise decision. Copenhagen really gets into the festive spirit during December, where locals and visitors from all over the world enjoy themselves in cozy settings fighting off the cold with the embodiment of the lovely Danish concept hygge. 

7 Ways To Win At Winter In Copenhagen

a group of people that are standing in the snow

Oh, the never-ending dark Scandinavian winter that even the Vikings feared is here. Don’t despair, seize the opportunity to experience Copenhagen’s hygge from a front-row seat! All over the city you’ll be able to experience Copenhagen its stunning winter dress, so let’s guide you to some of the best Copenhagen experiences during the crisp and let’s face it cold winter months of November, December, January and February.

4 places you must visit on Copenhagen’s latest draw: Refshaleøen

a boat is docked next to a body of water

It’s no secret Visit Copenhagen have made a great effort in creating a great brand for Copenhagen around the world today. You only have to go 30 years back in time though, then Copenhagen consisted mainly of industry, navy and a few sights to see. Today, Copenhagen is a city transformed: A shining beacon of inspiration for art, design, culture, architecture and food – not only within the inner city, but also in the city’s many booming and developing neighborhoods.