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About Us

Get to know Us

Welcome to Copenhagen!

I’m Mie and I’m running Copenhagen By Mie & Friends with my husband, Lars, and a few friends. We quickly found out we had a knack for making friends and family fall in love with Copenhagen over the experiences we created for them. Ever since then we have been doing show and tell on our authentic, original and fun Danish adventures and we guess we’ve done well, since our lovely guests have raved about us in over than 1500 great reviews.

We believe travel can be a force of good for Copenhagen and you know, the whole world. We want you to get to know Copenhagen one tour at a time, so you get that behind-the-curtain experience of the place we call home. With us, you can always rest assured:

Heart You leave loving it
Heart You leave with a new admiration of Danish culture and how awesome it is

That’s our promise to you!

Love It Or Get Your Money Back

If we though have failed to meet your expectations, then we have failed to meet our own. Please let us know and we’ll issue a refund. As a family-owned and run company, our guests aren’t just numbers in a log book; they are our friends who go on small adventures with us.

The only thing we ask is that you participate in the entire tour from start to finish and that, at the end of the tour, you let your guide know that it wasn’t satisfactory and that the tour didn’t live up to your expectations based on the promised tour description. Your live feedback will help our team to improve! Please note this satisfaction guarantee only apply to reservations booked through this website.