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5 Things To Do In Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a city filled with activities that can keep you busy for days. We of course understand you want to experience the landmarks of Copenhagen, but the city have so much more going on. Let us guide you to 5 of the best activities our great city have to offer you.

Experience the city from the water

Copenhagen is a city on the water. It is next to the ocean, filled with canals and lakes. We love being close to the water whether it’s by living in a houseboat, cruising around in some kind of floatation device or swimming in it. We highly recommend experiencing the city on the water, because so much of the Copenhagen lifestyle and the beauty of the city is simply best captured and experienced this way.

Here are our best tips on different ways to get around on the waters of Copenhagen. A classic is going on canal tour. We recommend going with Hey Captain, because they have comfortable boats and do smaller groups. If you are up for being your own captain, several companies rent out small boats by the hour. We recommend FriendShips and GoBoat because the boats have tables. Then you can have your own sunset picnic on the water. For those more adventurous it’s possible to rent kayaks, and it’s a wonderful way to explore the smaller channels, experience to tranquility of the city and being closer to the elements. For the young at heart it is possible to rent paddleboats on Copenhagen’s lakes which is always a big hit with the youngsters.  Some of them are even shaped like swans, perfect for your own fairytale on the water!

Jump into the deep blue

Ready to dive into cool blue waves of Copenhagen? Don’t be afraid, the water in the Copenhagen harbor is some of the cleanest in the world! The city has plenty of beautiful beaches and harbor baths for you to enjoy. To name a few we love Amager Strandpark which is the closest you can get to real beach in Copenhagen, the harbor baths at Bølgen and Islands Brygge for a more urban experience and Svanemølle for a mix between a quay and beach with good food trucks frequently visiting in the summer. For the Danes swimming is not just a summer activity. In the winter, polar bear clubs are popular and have long waiting list. Maybe it is the Viking blood running through our veins, but there is something thrilling, rejuvenating and self-indulgent about taking the time to go for a swim in the icy waters and heating up afterwards in a sauna. Most clubs are closed to the public, but at La Banchina you can try it for yourself. The café is located on the quay, where you can go for a swim and has its own little sauna overlooking the harbors of Copenhagen. The sauna is open all year around, so you don’t have to miss out no matter when you visit.

Green is good for your eyes

Copenhagen is filled with green spots and urban parks, acting as breathing holes in the city. All year around we use these oases for socializing, recreation, sports and play, and we would strongly recommend you to join us! Whether it is for a picnic in the summer, a run in the fall, ice-skating in winter or walk with a cup of coffee and Danish in the spring, we want to share our love for the outdoors with you. Drinking in public is legal, so don’t think twice about buying a nice bottle of wine or a few good craft beer and enjoy it out in the sun. The parks of Copenhagen are very diverse, so we recommend visiting a few during your stay. Here is a few of our favorites: In Nørrebro, Assistens Cemetery is green, lush and full of history and Superkilen offers modern, multicultural architecture (we visit both places on our Lonely Planet experience that we call Nørrebro ‘Hood Explorer), in the city center The Royal Library Garden is a hidden gem that offers a tranquil getaway from the hustle and bustle of city and is a perfect place to find hygge (we visit the place on our Good Morning: Hygge & Happiness experience), The Citadel is a stunning star-shapes fortification in Østerbro (we visit the place on our Total Day Tour: Highlights & Hygge and our Copenhagen In A Nutshell experiences) and Amager Fælled is a large protected nature area full of different habitats to explore.

Get out of the city center

Most Copenhageners don’t live in the historical city center. Instead they live on the bridges; Østerbro, Nørrebro and Vesterbro. Each of the areas has its own characteristics, and we would love to tell you all about it on one of our guided tours of the areas (just click on the following neighborhoods names and check out what we can offer you of tours in the area)! Østerbro is quiet, perfect for families and for being close to the water. There are so many cozy cafés and bakeries to enjoy lazy and intimate wine bars for late night dates. Nørrebro is vibrant, multicultural and with a lot of great places for street food, beer and natural wine. The area has a ton dedicated food entrepreneurs working with the coolest project – go on a culinary treasure hunt to find some of them! Vesterbro is home to the old red light district as well a great scene for art, fashion and design. Spend the day looking for the perfect item to bring home or explore the vibrant food scene centered around the old meatpacking district.

One quick train-ride away

We strongly recommend venturing out of the city. With great public transportation, so many great cities and sights are within reach if you are willing to spend half an hour of your precious vacation on a train. Don’t worry, the trains are comfortable and often goes through beautiful green areas. Among our favorite half day trips outside the city we recommend going north of the city to the world’s first amusement park Bakken and the nearby Dyrehaven in Klampenborg, Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød and Kronborg Castle in Helsingør or south of the city to the unique wonderful areas of Møns Klint, the Forest Tower and Stevns Klint.