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Mie & Friends pick: Best Bakeries in Copenhagen 2023

Wondering where to find the best bakery in Copenhagen? We’ve got you!

You might have heard of the “Danish” or Danish pastry before . But actually, the real Danish versions of pastry might differ quite a bit from what is commonly understood by a “Danish” in other countries. 

For instance, for some reason Danes have a weird obsession with putting poppy seeds on pastry. Try for example the “frøsnapper” or “tebirkes”.  

In the Danish language pastries are named “Wienerbrød” translated to “Viennese bread”. And as the name might suggest, we can’t take full credit for its invention as we stole a bit of inspiration from the Austrians. 

Different Danish holidays are also often celebrated by hitting the bakeries for specific seasonally available desserts, such as for Christmas “Pebernødder”, “Julebolle”, “honninghjerte” and “vaniljekranse”. For New Years we have “Kransekage”. For the carnival festival in February, we have a very special cream filled pastry named “fastelavsbolle” and during summer months you will most often find “Jordbærkager” on display at every bakery – translating directly to “strawberry cake”, a traditional Danish cake decorated in the national red and white colors of the Danish flag.     

The city of Copenhagen is filled with bakeries on every corner so choosing just one can prove a challenge. Whether you are looking to try the more traditional old-school Danish bakery style or the newer Copenhagen versions, here is a few options for you!

Juno the Bakery 

Juno, of course, is likely the most famous bakery in Copenhagen. Located in the Østerbro district, Juno the Bakery often attracts large crowds of people and it is not unusual to find people queuing all the way down the street, waiting for a delicious treat from the bakery. But I think that you will find Juno’s famous cardamon swirls worth the wait!

The Juno bakery is located in a cozy setting in a more quiet part of Copenhagen where you can come and enjoy one of the best desserts Denmark has to offer. 

Both the location of the bakery and the amazingly handcrafted artwork of the pastries is an all around instagram-friendly stop-by in Copenhagen. 

The bakery opened in 2017 and became an instant hit with the local community in Copenhagen due to their focus on high quality products and large selection of pastries, cakes and amazing sour dough bread. 

If you ever find yourself stopping by Juno the Bakery, don’t miss the opportunity to try out their famous cardamon swirls! I would also recommend checking out their pistachio croissants. 

Adress: Århusgade 48, 2100 København Ø


Sankt Peders Bageri 

If you are looking to try a traditional version of the famous Danish pastry, this little local bakery in Sankt Peders Stræde in the heart of Copenhagen is the place for you! 

Famous for their Wednesday special ‘kanelsnegle’ – direct translation ‘cinnamon snails’ – the Danish version of the cinnamon bun, which can only be purchased on Wednesdays. 

They also have a few other options of traditional danish pastries and danish cakes. Try for example the Danish ‘tebirkes’, ‘frøsnapper’ or ‘brunsviger’ – all Danish specialties. 

Sankt Peders Bakery is one of the oldest bakeries in Denmark, founded in 1652 and is still today a family run business. 

The location is tiny, so you have to be lucky to grab a seat inside. But the atmosphere is cozy and the emphasize in this bakery is always on the traditional hand craft old Danish dessert recipes. 

Adress: Sankt Peders Stræde 29, 1453, København K. 


On the other hand, if you are interested in trying out the more modern “gourmet bakeries” the city has to offer, I would recommend checking out Hart bakery. 

The bakery is owned by baker Richard Hart who previously worked as a baker at the Noma restaurant, considered one of the best restaurants in the world, currently holding three Michelin stars!

The Hart bakery opened in 2018 and is now famous for its delicious cakes, bread and Danish pastries, all created with a modern twist. The first Hart Bakery opened in the Frederiksberg district, but has since expanded the business and now holds locations all across Copenhagen so you are able to find your delicious Hart treats at multiple locations in the city. 

I would especially recommend checking out their almond croissant or cinnamon twists. 

The Hart bakery is also a great option for a quick bite for lunch, since they started introducing kimchi-sandwiches  


Gammel Kongevej 109, 1850 Frederiksberg

Mærsehuset, Galionsvej 41, 1437, København K

Høkerboderne 17, 1712 København V

Refshalevej 159A, 1432 København K

Istedgade 61, 1650 København V


If you are a croissant-lover, don’t miss the opportunity to check out the Buka bakery which currently holds four locations in the city. 

Buka is a Danish modern gourmet bakery with an Italian inspired twist. 

The Buka bakery opened in 2019 and is one of the newest additions to the list of gourmet bakeries in Copenhagen. 

“Buka” translate to “bread” in Albanian and the bakery is owned by Albanian born Zegir Haziri. 

This bakery was first made famous for their delicious cream-filled croissants which comes in many seasonal flavors, such as chocolate, cardamon, elderflower and vanilla. 

If you find yourself stopping by this wonderful little bakery, definitely don’t miss out on their croissants! 

Furthermore, the Buka bakery at the central location on the main Copenhagen shopping street, Strøget, also serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. This location is great for a causal informal meal and a glass of wine as well. 


Store Kongensgade 18, 1264 København K 

Gammel Kongevej 171, 1850 Frederiksberg C 

Strøget, Frederiksberggade 21, 1459 København K 

Østerbrogade 82, 2100 København Ø 

Alice Bakery and Ice Cream 

Located right at the outskirts of the Christianshavn district of Copenhagen, you will find this wonderful delicious bakery “Alice”. 

In the summer months, especially famous for their homemade ice cream and waffles but this bakery is still worth a visit during colder months of the year if you are looking for a sweet treat or dessert to brighten up the cold and gloomy Scandinavian fall and winter days. 

The motto of Alice Bakery is “simple things made well” and although this bakery might appear unassuming from outside, don’t be fooled by the Danish humble aesthetics. Every treat at this bakery is an absolute amazing piece of pastry art.  

I would definitely recommend the almond croissants or cardamon swirls for a dessert or a sour dough bun for a breakfast meal.  


Markmandsgade 1, København S

Bageriet Benji 

And here, another Noma connection the bakery “Benji” in the Nørrebro district. This hidden gem is run by former Noma pastry chef Rasmus Kristensen, who named the bakery after his son. 

The simply, but always high quality pastry work never ceases to impress. 

If you find yourself stopping by the Benji bakery, treat yourself to a delicious butter croissant or “chocolate-snail”. 

The Benji bakery has decided to solely focus their attention on pastries and sour dough bread which means the selection is limited but the quality of the products are always amazingly high. 

This bakery is considered amongst the best bakeries in the world and definitely worth a visit! 

Adress: Fælledvej 23, København N