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8 Things To Do In Copenhagen During Christmas

a large crowd in the snow

Spending your Christmas is Copenhagen was a wise decision. Copenhagen really gets into the festive spirit during December, where locals and visitors from all over the world enjoy themselves in cozy settings fighting off the cold with the embodiment of the lovely Danish concept hygge. 

Experience stunning Christmas decorations at Hotel D’Angleterre & Magasin Du Nord

Be sure to visit Kongens Nytorv during your stay. It’s one of the most colorful areas during some of the darkest days of the year and the lights and decorations are wonderful! In particular, the lights at Hotel D’Angleterre have become somewhat of a tradition for many Copenhageners to visit during the Christmas month.

Visit Tivoli in her lovely Christmas dress

Despite conventional wisdom, it’s not always Copenhagen receives snow, but that doesn’t matter to Copenhageners. Inside Tivoli, you will be able to feel the familiar spirit snow brings with it, as what makes Tivoli magical is how they adapt to seasons. In particular, the Christmas season is quite magical with all sorts of decorations an intimate setting and their lovely Christmas market that takes place in and around wooden huts with real fireplaces around to cozy up at.

a bird sitting on top of a snow covered field

Take a stroll in beautiful Nyhavn and experience its atmosphere

Nyhavn is always dressed in her best Christmas dress during the festive season and we in particular love that the tunes of Christmas carols fill the ambiance of Christmas hygge. Copenhagen is though packed with Christmas markets and one of them is set up right in front of the restaurants at Nyhavn blocking the view, but this is not bad as it provides you access to hot steaming Glühwein right there.

Taste the best Danish version of Glühwein – Gløgg

In Copenhagen, we have competitions about everything from our national course to the best shawarma. So it shouldn’t surprise you, we have also had a competition about the best Gløgg in Copenhagen! Last years winner was Huks Fluks Gløgg that have been created by Ulrik from Peder Oxes Kælder and Torben from Huks Fluks. Their red-wine based gløgg consists of organic Tempranillo, port wine, white rum, cardamon, bay laurels, juniper berries, ginger, French oak and a lot of love. We can attest to it is simply delicious and just what you need walking around in Copenhagen during December.

a close up of a glass of orange juice

Go ice skating at Frederiksberg Runddel 

Frederiksberg is a city within a city, they have their own zip code and everything. Do not fear though, it’s easily accessible from Copenhagen’s inner city and you’ll find it packed with locals as this ice skating rink is a local favorite! Don’t worry if you forgot your skates either, their rental service is open all day and even when it gets dark at around 4pm you will be able to skate on as their lovely lights come on.

If you don’t want to head out on your own to explore this part of the city, the world-famed restaurant Noma and the people behind Broens Gadekøkken have decided to create an ice skating rink within the inner heart of Copenhagen this season as well with stunning views from the harbor side. Since it’s the culinary geniuses behind these very two popular food places that have joined forces, you’ll of course also be able to buy some delicious Christmas goodies from the stalls! To find this fun place to be this winter, you just have to head over the Inner Harbor Bridge away from Nyhavn and you can’t miss it.

Warm up in a sauna with a breathtaking view

A small bus ride from the city centre, CopenHot is located. CopenHot is perfect for the winter with its focus on saunas in all forms. You can choose to be sailed around the canals by a captain in a boat with a sauna, enjoy a stationary barrel spa or gaze upon Copenhagen’s skyline from their panoramic spa. We of course recommend to kickstart your spa experience by jumping into the canal to cool down before settling in for the spa like true Vikings.

a group of people sitting on a bench

Get goosebumps at Christmas concerts in a classic church

There are several Christmas concerts taking place all over Copenhagen and we recommend to book your tickets now. They are really popular and why shouldn’t they be? There is just something incredibly magical over classical music during the holiday season especially when performed in the right atmosphere. The two most popular concerts tend to be the classical Christmas concert Händels Messias performed in Holmens Kirke on the 19th, 21st and 22nd of December and Concerto Copenhagen with classical Christmas music in the Trinitatis Church on the 20th of December. But there are concerts all over – some of them are free and some of them are paid, so remember to check the churches when you walk on by.

Indulge in a Danish Christmas lunch

While in Copenhagen, we recommend you to indulge in a traditional Danish Christmas lunch. Let’s face it, Copenhageners pretty much doesn’t do anything else in their weekends during December, since they attend loads of julefrokoster (i.e. Christmas lunches)! The Christmas lunch table is very similar to the Swedish ‘smorgasbord’ with warm dishes of all sorts served with beers and different types of Danish aquavit – or snaps as we call it. Our recommendation for the best Christmas lunch in Copenhagen is Restaurant Kronborg, Restaurant Koefoed or Restaurant Palægade. With this feast being a very popular tradition with the locals, be sure to book your table ahead of time and mention you want the Danish Christmas lunch experience.


a person wearing a costume

Taste & Experience Danish Christmas With A Knowing Native

Our guests always ask us all sorts of questions about Danish Christmas and it is our favorite season. This year, we’ve created a pop-up tour, so you can do your merry-making with a knowing native there at your side! So join us on this walking tour and taste and experience Danish jul [ˈjuˀl], while you get to uncover the meaning behind Danish holiday traditions – both the new and the ancient ones dating all the way back to the Yuletide traditions of Viking times. It’s a fun and interesting journey into the Danish merry-making traditions, where you get to feast like the Vikings and celebrate Christmas by hearing, or even dancing around a Christmas tree before you settle in for a traditional Danish Christmas game played all over Denmark over a notorious Danish beverage.