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Best Vegetarian & Vegan Places In: Copenhagen

a display in a building

Being either a vegetarian or vegan in Copenhagen is generally very easy as Copenhagen offers plenty of choices. Not every restaurant will have a vegan alternative, but most of them will definitely have a vegetarian alternative.

As of right now, 1,8% of Denmark’s inhabitants are either vegan or vegetarians, that makes for a total of 100.000 people, but more and more people are looking away from the meat in either a full or part time capacity. 28% of the Danish people recognises themselves as either vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian or flexitarian.

The uprising of the combined 28% along with a crazy burger fight (between restaurants) even got McDonalds to make a vegetarian burger, something that they haven’t had since their arrival in Denmark many years ago. As a vegetarian myself I have to say… not the best veggie burger I’ve ever had, but definitely not the worst. Below you’ll find some of the best vegetarian and vegan places Copenhagen have to offer in our humble opinion.


Souls are not only one of the most popular vegan café’s in Copenhagen, but just one of the most popular cafes in general. It’s located both in the eastern part of Copenhagen, very close to Nordhavn Station and in the inner city close to Nørreport Station. Souls are good for either lunch or dinner, and maybe a cocktail later. Melchiors Pl. 3, 2100 København

Kalaset is the place to go if you are looking for a nice vegetarian brunch with vegan options. Located very close to Nørreport station and close to the lakes of Copenhagen, so make sure to take a nice walk around the lakes after you have eaten. Vendersgade 16, 1363 København

California Kitchen have growed immensely the last couple of years. Today they have restaurants located on the seedy and hip Vesterbro, as well as on the multicultural and edgy Nørrebro! They serve different versions of the ultra-popular poke bowl that you can make your own in so many ways, also as vegaterian and vegan options. Nørrebrogade 12, 2200 København

a bunch of food sitting on a table

Indulge in a plate of vegan and vegetarian goodies that can also be made gluten-free at Souls


Fine Dining Restaurants

Gemyse arrived last year as a new restaurant in Tivoli Gardens. Gemyse is the German word for vegetable and though they have meat and fish, their main focus is on vegetables. They are located in the middle of Tivoli, so it is the perfect place to eat when you are having your “mandatory” trip to Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli, Vesterbrogade 3, 1620 København

Mielche & Hurtigkarl is technically not located in Copenhagen but in Frederiksberg, a city in the middle of Copenhagen (it’s weird… we know). It is located in Frederiksberg Gardens, a huge park with a big yellow Castle in the middle, inside that castle is exactly where you will find Mielche & Hurtigkarl. The head chef Jakob Mielche is famous for two things. 1) being a master of vegetables in a futuristic and original way. 2) being one of the judges of the Danish version of Masterchef. Frederiksberg Runddel 1, 2000 Frederiksberg

Relæ is not only a Michelin star awarded restaurant but also one of the coolest of its kind. Practicing the art of New Nordic cuisine, it is located on Jægersborgsgade in the northern part of the city, a very cool street with loads of different stores. Jægersborggade 41, 2200 København

VeVe is short for ‘vegetarisk verdenskøkken’, which means vegetarian world kitchen, and it only serves dishes vegetarian dishes in a very beautiful refurbished old storage warehouse. Focus is on the seasons and they don’t have an a-la-carte menu to choose from, so you don’t have to choose and are as such just served the 6 chosen snacks and 6 chosen dishes by the chefs. Dampfærgevej 7, 2100 København

Bollyfood is for you who loves Indian food. They have a broad variety of dishes from the Indian cuisine. It is located in the Meat Packing District which also serves as a great hang-out space, especially in the summer, with other great places surrounding it. So this is really the place you want to spend your Saturday night. Slagterboderne 10, 1716 København

a display in a building

Sit down and enjoy a vegan and vegetarian meal in a beautiful green house at Gemyse in the middle of Tivoli

Breakfast & Brunch

Djuus Copenhagen is a brunch place located close to the lakes. This is a beautiful place to walk in the early morning and you can head here for a brunch afterwards, since we’re all about brunches here in Copenhagen (as you may have read in our other blog posts). This place makes everything from the bottom and offer some really delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes, which you should complement with one of their cold-pressed juices that just are to die for. Blegdamsvej 78, 2100 København

Acacia is located on Frederiksberg, this other city within Copenhagen we talked about earlier, and serves a delicious vegan and vegetarian brunch. It was even nominated for one of the best brunch places in the city, which is quite the achievement as a vegan and vegetarian place – but if you check out their Instagram, you will also see for yourself their dishes just are so beautiful. Gammel Kongevej 171, 1850 Frederiksberg

Landbageriet is a vegetarian and vegan bakery that are located close to Nørreport Station, where you can stock up on cakes and bread. Copenhagen and Denmark is of course very known for namely our ‘Danishes’ and you can even buy these in vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free options. Frederiksborggade 29, 1360 København

a table full of food

Dig into some yummy and healthy chia-oats with fresh fruit at Djuus Copenhagen


Pizza, Burger & Falafel

Pizzeria la Fiorita is the place to go for pizza! They have both vegetarian vegan and gluten free options. It is located only a few 100 meters from Kalaset and is a great little place if you want a very good Italian for dinner. Charlotte Ammundsens Plads 2, Kld., 1359 København K

Durum Bar is located on Nørrebro, which is the multicultural area, and this area even have a competition every year about who can make the best kebab. The area has some of the best kebabs in town, but Durum Bar definitely have the best vegetarian or vegan falafels made in their own homemade bread. Charlotte Ammundsens Plads 2, Kld., 1359 København K

Greenburger is a burger-joint, where the green values are center to everything they do. Their burgers are all made with plant-based beef in a fast-food kind of way and you can even compliment the dish with plant-based fries as well! They’re conveniently located right next to Torvehallerne at Nørreport Station, so it couldn’t be easier to get your burger on. Frederiksborggade 26, 1360 København