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Meet Our Guides

Copenhagen By Mie & Friends

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Say hi to Mie. She is the boss lady of Copenhagen By Mie & Friends, who barks orders at everyone around her! No we’re just kidding, she is extremely well-organized and knows all things about how to create world class experiences. When she’s not barking orders, she’s either put in her place by her deaf cat at home, her super cute son, Anton, or out exploring the city’s food and drinks scene, which she knows inside out like her own back-pocket. She loves to work as a guide for Copenhagen By Mie & Friends because of the experiences it offer, it is experiences she would love to go on herself with plenty of time for laughs, treats and cultural exchange. Furthermore, she’s a firm believer in responsibility, so having respect for the neighborhoods, hidden gems, residents and local providers on the experiences is something she holds very dear to her heart.

Magnifying Glass Bonus info: Mie holds a masters degree in Tourism and is deeply passionate about how traveling and travelers can impact destinations in sustainable and responsible ways.

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Say hi to Jamshed. He always lights up the room with his calm presence whenever he’s not home making music in his own studio or jamming to one of the many concerts around town. He loves Copenhagen for its small village-like size and its ever-evolving nature, and believe Copenhageners are some of the most relaxed people in the world! It’s clear he cherishes both the newer elements of the city-scape; yet, he also embrace the old since you’ll often find him out and about enjoying his favorite dish Smørrebrød with a beer and of course the mandatory Danish sidewagon of Aquavit – the water of life. He loves the freedom of being part of the Copenhagen By Mie & Friends team where he’s not just forced to point and tell something scripted, but he’s allowed to convey his own stories and interact with his guests and get to know them and their cultures.

Magnifying Glass Bonus info: Jamshed has behind the scenes knowledge of the workings of the Danish Parliament located inside Christiansborg Palace, since he have worked next to some of Denmark’s most powerful people in there.

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Mie H.

Say hi to Mie H. She’s our social butterfly who are always out and about chilling with her friends or out snapping pictures on cameras she regularly picks up on random flee markets around town. She loves that Copenhagen despite its town-like-feel have all the offerings of a big city in terms of music, nightlife, art, gastronomy and bars, which she regularly experience on her bike infatuated with the rhythm of the city that can be felt in the city’s distinctly different areas. Being part of the team at Copenhagen By Mie & Friends allows her to fall in love with Copenhagen, and Denmark, on a daily basis, since she’s able to show off and discover the local aspects of her own city while being asked questions that allow her with an opportunity to reflect on her own habits and culture. She loves to be able to create and encourage dialogue about cultural differences as well as similarities.

Magnifying Glass Bonus info: Mie is a photo journalist who work at one of the most popular financial newspapers in Denmark ‘Børsen’ and she hold a bachelor degree in political sciences from the esteemed Copenhagen University.

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Say hi to Sofie. She is always a ray of sunshine and when she’s not on tour, she’s always out exploring Copenhagen which for her is a city filled to the brim with memories. No matter where she goes, she has countless memories of hyggelige moments with friends and family or awkward dates at the city’s many fantastic restaurants and parks. Whenever she’s out and about, she also loves to people watch and is fascinated by Copenhageners sense of privacy, where it’s an absolute no-go to talk to strangers in public unless you of course have a drink in your hand. With all of these impressions, she also loves to unwind by participating in some yoga classes and enter a meditative state of mind where she can just let go off all her thoughts. On her way through town, she of course uses a bike and she absolutely adore its possible to bike from one end to the other in a heartbeat, in particular since Copenhagen’s many districts are so different and all have very unique traits. That’s also why she loves being part of the team at Copenhagen By Mie & Friends team and conducting the tours, since it allows her to show these very unique traits not exclusively with the districts, but also how unique Copenhageners, and Danish, culture can be.

Magnifying Glass Bonus info: Sofie is an educated actress and have participated in several fun and thoughtful short films.

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Say hi to Kristian. He has a curiosity that never cease to amaze us. He is a freelance journalist and have published several news stories on a wide range of Copenhagen topics ranging from activism, drugs, gentrification to liquorice, culinary works of art, bike culture for the online newspaper VICE Media. As a regular Sherlock Holmes, you will often find him biking around Copenhagen for interviews, tours, concerts and restaurant visits on his racing bike. On Copenhagen’s bicycle lanes, he feels right at home with its cutting-edge bicycle infrastructure and the flat terrain that allow him to cruise from one end of town to the other in no time. He love that the city is always in a state of flux and is always buzzing with new, interesting things to experience. That is also why whenever he’s not biking, he’s always out exploring the rich alternative aspects of Copenhagen and after having conducted a tour, he’s always walking home with a big smile on his face as he’s just doing what he would have been doing anyway being out exploring, meeting fascinating people. He firmly believes that conducting the tours for the team of Copenhagen By Mie & Friends can be a facilitator to change the way people perceive and approach the world, which he absolutely adores.

Magnifying Glass Bonus info: Kristian is the lead singer of the punk band, NEXØ, so you better believe he know how to tell a story and communicate it.

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Say hi to Sandra. She just oozes hygge and is just a person you want to keep on chatting with. Whenever she’s not on tour, she can be found biking around Copenhagen or inside the city’s many green havens, museums, jazz places, bars, restaurants or at cafes where she’s having an on-going Backgammon game with her friend. She loves Copenhagen’s town-like-feel with its many wide and flat bicycle lanes, where it is possible to bike from one end to the other in no time. She thinks Copenhagen is an amazing city to live in, where it’s particularly the hygge culture bound up in traditions and social norms that does it for her. They remind her to unwind and stop sometimes and enjoy the moments with the people she’s around. That’s also why, she loves being part of the team at Copenhagen By Mie & Friends and conducting tours, since it allows her to embark on a new journey every single day with her guests which always make her day. Being able to communicate her own city and her culture is important on the tours in an authentic and genuine way, while giving back to the city is something she really cherish. In general, Sandra is a great communicator and she is also a singer-songwriter and is actually due on releasing a mini-album, so ask her to sing you a Danish song and feel the rhythm on this oddly-sounding language.

Magnifying Glass Bonus info: Sandra has photographic memory and is currently in the process of learning three new languages.