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Our Copenhagen City Guide

Local recommendations to make your stay the greatest ever.
In your pocket. Or your phone.

Kickstart your vacation with our Copenhagen city guide

We all get far less vacation time than we really deserve. Why waste it on a subpar experience? You deserve the best. The best restaurants in Copenhagen – for brunch, lunch, dinner both without dietary conditions and with. The best bars for a brew, wine or cocktail, and the best coffeeshops in Copenhagen to help you to get energized for all our wonderful city have to offer you.

When we aren’t busy running our experiences here in Copenhagen, we travel, and our bellies and bank accounts know it’s only to experience destinations to its fullest. And we’d love to have a travel guide written by locals in the know who know and love their city and how to experience it to the fullest.

In particular, since we know from our own travel experiences how much time and effort that have to be put in to make a vacation truly great. Planning vacation days, getting the best flight or cruise tickets, booking the best hotel or homestay, to researching what to do when you actually arrive in the destination you’ve wanted to visit for so long.

We’re guilty, this last par is usually the last thing we consider even though we think it’s the most important. Too often we find that we didn’t get to squeeze enough out of that scarce vacation time we had available. Simply, because we hadn’t done our research.

That’s why, we’ve taken the time to write this guide for you: It compiles our best local recommendations, so you can hit Copenhagen running and experience the place we call home the local way.

In any case, we wish you a lot of fun in Copenhagen and if you see us on the street or in a restaurant, come say hi! We promise not to bite. Or if you haven’t locked down all your plans, come join one of our many public or private tours, they’re pretty awesome. That’s at least what our moms tell us! Couple of hours, great vibes, local insights and in most cases treats or/and drinks. It’s like an episode of Friends, just where you’re being invited in for a behind the scenes sneak peak by a knowledgeable local.

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