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5 Important Facts About Copenhagen

a house covered in snow in front of a building

Let’s get the easy facts out of the way first

Before we get the party started, let’s get the boring, but important things out of the way.

Worried about our weird language? You don’t have to! The Danes start learning English at a young age, and most of us speak it fluently and we have no expectations of you speaking Danish.

Yes, you can drink the tap water! It’s delicious and some of the cleanest in the world. Don’t hesitate to order it in restaurants, it is often a lot better than the bottled stuff.

No, you can’t use euros in most places. We have our own currency “kroner”. We know it is a little in convenient when traveling from the rest of Europe, but we love our currency so much that we were not willing to give it up when entering the EU. Besides nearly all places you will encounter accept credit card.

Tipping is not customary, but mostly appreciated. Everybody from bar staff, to restaurant staff to taxi drivers are paid a fair wage, so most locals tip if they have had great service.

Yes, you can just enter public transportation without talking to the driver. The system is built on trust where you’re expected to buy a ticket before entering the bus, train or metro. There are occasional checks if you have a valid ticket and if you don’t, you’ll be fined with an excessive ticket so we strongly recommend buying one before boarding your public transportation for the day.

I want to ride my bicycle

Welcome to the most bike friendly city in the world! With almost 400 km of designated bike lanes, more bikes than people and an infrastructure that favors this sustainable way of transportation, we highly recommend renting a bike and start exploring. In our opinion, biking is one of the easiest, fastest and safest ways to get around our beautiful city. Bikes for hire can be found all over the city, but we recommend the city bikes you can rent at Bike Copenhagen. They’re easy to drive and they’re really cute as well!

Public transportation

If you don’t feel up for the bikes, don’t worry, we got you covered as well! In Copenhagen you can go almost anywhere with public transportation. The city is connected with busses, trains, metros and ferries and offers endless combinations and options for getting fast and comfortably while still taking care of the environment. Even if you decide to go to one of the public transportation dead spot of Copenhagen, you’ll be able to find transportation within walking distance. How to use this fantastic system you might ask? Google Maps and Journey Planner is a lifesaver in terms of finding the best and fastest way to go from A to B. It can also be useful to have the Copenhagen Card as it among many other things include tickets to bus, metro and S-train.

I’m singing in the rain

Let’s be frank, the weather in Copenhagen in unpredictable. As your future host in Copenhagen, we would love for you to have the best conditions for enjoying the city including your walking or bike tour with us. Therefore, we recommend bringing layers. Despite of having the four seasons represented throughout the year, temperatures can change drastically within the same day and season, so it is good to be prepared for a little bit of everything. There are so many beautiful parks and cool areas with that unique Copenhagen atmosphere to explore by foot, so we highly recommending packing for diverse weather, so your wardrobe is not what’s stopping you from making most of your time in Copenhagen. A good advice: Always bring and umbrella, just in case.

The New Nordic Cuisine and the Copenhagen food scene

Over the past 15 years, Copenhagen has turned into a gastronomic hotspot due to the development of the New Nordic Cuisine. It started as an innovative approach to cooking in the Nordic region by focusing on only serving seasonal and local products. Today the food scene is about so much more, because of a steady influx of talented people from all over the world. The result is many different cuisines, concepts and approaches to food in the same city at so many different price ranges. We can’t wait to show and tell you all about it! Do make use of your session for personalized recommendations that we have at the end of all our tours. We call this our little added-bonus concierge service!