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Your Guide To The Perfect Copenhagen Visit

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Walking tours with Copenhagen By Mie & Friends are the best. You don’t have to compete with anyone for a window seat, you can walk on the banks of a Game of Thrones worthy citadel or visit the best eateries without having to lock your bike, and you can venture into tucked-away, cobble-stoned filled alleyways where other modes of transportation can’t. In short, a walking tour is more immersive and provide a lot more access than you can with any other type of city tour.

We always recommend booking our city tours on one of your first days in Copenhagen and we recommend booking early. Click here to see what types of walking tours we can offer you.

Overall, our most booked tour is our total Copenhagen experience, i.e. our Total Day Tour: Highlights & Hygge. It’s a full day of fun in the city and give you a really solid overview and taste of culture, history and the culinary scene here in the city. Plus, you get to experience 95 % of the highlights and the hidden gems too with your local guide!

Top 5 Must-dos when you visit Copenhagen

All of our guides are locals, and you can even call them natives. They’re all the best hosts you could wish for in Copenhagen. They have all been chosen for their extremely service minded attitude, their extensive knowledge about Copenhagen and the Danish mentality and culture, and of course for their big passion for their city. They all have some great ideas for what you can do in Copenhagen as part of your visit: So all our tours end with a sit-down where they’ll provide you with personalized 1-on-1 recommendations. Call this our little added-bonus concierge service!

  • Grab a beer with the locals: Copenhagen is pretty famous for Carlsberg as you may know. Carlsberg have actually donated some of Copenhagen’s biggest landmarks to the city! But Copenhagen is much more than Carlsberg today, so you should definitely go bar-hopping at some of the city’s best bars and breweries. Find our top picks here, or join us on our Vesterbro Beer Tour tour and explore the hip neighborhood of Vesterbro with a local guide and get to understand why Lonely Planet chose this experience as one of their two exclusive tours in Copenhagen.
  • Get your culture fix: Copenhagen is a city that breathes culture. You won’t find many weeks throughout the year, where Copenhagen don’t have anything going on! We recommend you check out Kultunaut for what’s going on while you’re here, or even better ask your local guide on one of our many tours. Personally, we would much rather hang out with the locals on our travels to hear their perspectives and insights. Feel free to join our most popular cultural tour Hygge & Happiness, if you’re like us and want to hear the insider stories directly from a local who will happily answer all your questions.
  • See the sights: Yes, we know sightseeing is kind of a given. You can’t go to Copenhagen without seeing where the Danish royals live, or saying hi to the Little Mermaid for an example. Having a guide that shows you them though will make it 10 times as fun and 10 times as interesting! When we planned our sightseeing experiences, we wanted to give them an extra twist: Personality. All our guides convey their own stories about the sights alongside the history of them, which our guests add a new layer of understanding of them and Copenhagen as a whole. Feel free to go sightseeing on your own, but joining our Total Day Tour: Highlights & Hygge or our Copenhagen In A Nutshell tours will greatly enhance your experience of our great city and its many famous landmarks.
  • Eat (or drink) your way through the city: With 2 out of 5 of the best restaurants in the world within Copenhagen’s borders, Copenhagen is without a doubt the food capital of the Nordic countries. Go yum-hunting in the city’s many street food markets, Torvehallerne, Reffen and Broens Gadekøkken, or indulge in its many vegan and vegetarian options that we’ve written extensively about in this article, or come out with us on our drinking version of a food tour: Good Evening, Copenhagen: Hygge & Happiness. It’s filled to the brim with creative cocktails, natural wine tastings and an organic Danish beer from Copenhagen with an unparalleled view of Copenhagen’s harbor. All of this is combined with your guide telling you all about the Danish philosophy of ‘hygge’ and you have the perfect recipe for a great night out on the town.
  • Bike your way through the city like the locals: When we talked to all our guides about what they loved the most about Copenhagen, they all mentioned how awesome it is that it’s possible to bike from one end to the other end of Copenhagen without even breaking a sweat. Copenhagen have indeed been ranked as the best bicycle city in the world in 2019! So grab one of the stylish city bike from Bike Copenhagen and set out for a city tour of Copenhagen the local way, or go ahead and book one of our private bike tours where one of our local guides will lead the way and tell you everything you should know about either Copenhagen’s highlights, sustainability or the neighborhoods and culinary scene on two wheels.

Copenhagen Discounts

If you like us want to make your stay here in Copenhagen as easy as possible when you visit it may make sense for you to purchase the Copenhagen Card. It will give you free entry to Copenhagen’s largest attractions, while you also get free public transportation included. The card also give you access to a world of experiences such as our tours. We accept it and it will give you a whopping 20 % discount on all of our group tours! – YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT! Just go ahead and reserve your spots online with the Copenhagen Card discount code: CPHCARD20. Make sure to bring your card when you arrive to the tour to verify your offers eligibility.

Shore Excursions Made Easy

If you’re planning to visit Copenhagen by cruise-ship this season, then we have just the right tours for you. Our meeting points for our Total Day Tour: Highlights & Hygge, our Copenhagen In A Nutshell and our Hygge & Happiness tour is all located very close by to all the cruise ports. All of these tours can even be booked as private options, where we pick you up at your cruise ship.

Our shore excursions have all been praised to be a great alternative to the typical shore excursions found all over the world. We have even been hand-picked by Cunard to offer tours to their cruise guests when they’re in port in Copenhagen. They put their faith in us in because of our responsibility standards, our small groups with no more than 12 guests and our amazing reviews from former guests.

In Copenhagen right now? Then call us!

If you didn’t plan anything before you came to Copenhagen and you don’t know what to do, then please feel free to check our calendar by clicking here or call us on +45 2082 5287 to hear about your options. We have different tours running every day and we would be happy to make your acquaintance and provide you with an amazing tour. Our guests often tell us that our tour was the best decision of their entire stay.